Friends of Women's Basketball
Chris Wielgus Fundraising Initiative

The Friends of Dartmouth Women's Basketball have begun a fundraising initiative to name the lounge area of the Evans Basketball Suite in honor of legendary Dartmouth head coach and mentor Chris Wielgus. This effort will create the first space in Dartmouth's athletics complex named in honor of a female employee. Our goal is to raise $200,000 in gifts and pledges from those whose lives were positively impacted by Coach Wielgus, including former players, families, colleagues, fans and friends.

The funds raised will be directed to the Friends of Basketball, which provide additional resources to Dartmouth Basketball for investments in areas such as non-conference scheduling, increased training with Dartmouth's Peak Performance team, recruiting and team building initiatives. These dollars will greatly aid Coach Belle Koclanes in her quest for our 18th Ivy League title and continue the tradition of excellence pioneered by Coach Chris.

Congratulations and thank you to all of the dedicated alumnae and friends of Dartmouth women's basketball and Coach Wielgus who have generously pledged more than $200,000 to make this effort a success! Information about the dedication will be distributed over the summer.



  • Click here to make your commitment to Friends of Basketball and the Chris Wielgus Lounge online.
    •  Please choose Friends of Basketball as your designation and make reference to Chris Wielgus in the 'In Honor Of' section.
  • Checks can be made payable to: Dartmouth College and sent to:
    • Friends of Basketball
      Dartmouth College
      c/o Gift Reording Office
      6066 Hinman Box
      Hanover, NH 03755

      Please put 'In Honor of Chris Wielgus' in the check memo
    • Gifts can be paid over a period of of time between now and June 30, 2018. Please email Mark Harris at to make Dartmouth aware of the gift you intend to make and the time frame. 
    • You can create an recurring pledge payment using your credit card. Recurring credit card gifts can be made over a maximum period of two years (first installment today, next in one year, the final in two years from the time of the gift).          


HONOR ROLL OF DONORS (those making gifts or commitments as of 6/23/16) 

Valerie Armento 1973
Byron Anderson 1976
Bob Ceplikas 1978
Lisa Friel 1979
Bob Whalen 1979a
Ann Donovan 1980
Paula Ness Spears 1980
Carolyn Eich 1980
Debra Day 1980
Sally Harris 1980
Lucy Hanna 1981
Bob Gaudet 1981
Gail Koziara Boudreaux 1982
Corinne Heyes 1982
Susan Brooks Eldridge 1982
Andrea Zacher Brown 1982
Gina Podlesak 1982
Amy Nelson 1982
Sherri Oberg 1982
Cathy Judd-Stein 1982
Kim Selmore 1983
Ann Deacon O'Day 1983
Laura Stephens Robinson 1983
Sarah Frech 1984
Cindy Vaios 1984
Frech Family 1985
Karen Van Ness 1985
Kara Rillings Morgan 1985
Kimberlee Booker Schmid 1985
Suzanne Santos 1986
Tiffany Matz Boyd 1986
Jayne Daigle Jones 1986
Laurie Lopes 1987
Sue Murray 1987
Karin E. Wilinski, Esq. 1989
Ute Bowman Otley 1990
Sue Stuebner 1993
Tara Vold 1993
Renee Reed 1993
Ilsa Webeck 1994
Laurie Halligan 1995
Brandi Jones 1995
Kira Lawrence 1996
Jen Stamp 1996
Catherine Impastato Keating 1996
Sally Annis 1997
Erin Rewalt 1999
Sherryta Freeman 2001
Jamie Librizzi 2004
Krista Perry 2006
Jean L. Cullen Schultz 2006
Angela Soriaga 2006
Ashley Meyer 2007
Sydney Scott 2008
Kristen Craft Gillette 2008
Ugochi Ukegbu 2009
Margaret Smith 2010
Michelle Meyer 2010
Betsy Wade 2010
Meghan B McFee 2011
Cassandra Cooper Forcier 2011
Faziah J. Steen-Ngalamulume 2013
Brent & Marianne Taylor  P'04 P'07
Bruce and Mary Ellen Wood P'14
Charles & Patricia Lawrence P'96
Marc Milowsky (Jesse's)
Belle Koclanes
Russ Frohart
Charlie Buttrey
Mark Legacy




Those who serve as contributors to this effort at the $10,000* or greater level will be recognized on the plaque which honors Coach Wielgus.
*Classes of 2005 and younger will be recognized on the plaque starting with gifts of $5,000.

Thank you for your support! The Wielgus Lounge Fundraising Committee

Corinne Heyes '82 Sarah Frech '84 Krista Perry '06 Ilsa Webeck '94 Laurie Halligan '95
Laurie Lopes '87 Ute Bowman '90 Kira Lawrence '96 Jamie Librizzi '04

Click here to email the committee with questions



What is the measure of someone’s life work?
By Corinne Heyes '82

When that person is a coach, you tend to rely on the metrics of the trade—wins and losses. For women’s basketball coach Chris Wielgus, her record shows unparalleled success in her 28 years at Dartmouth: 393 wins, more than coaching legends Alvin “Doggie” Julian (basketball), Tony Lupien (baseball) and Eddie Jeremiah (hockey coach), with an overall .535 winning percentage; a staggering .650 winning percentage within the Ivy League grabbing 12 Ivy League Championships; seven NCAA and two Women’s National Invitation Tournament berths; seven Ivy Players of the Year and 81 All-Ivy selections with 28 1st-teamers. She is a member of the Dartmouth Wearers of the Green, the Springfield College Hall of Fame, and the New England Basketball Hall of Fame with prestigious Icon status.

But her impact goes well beyond team statistics. Coach Wielgus began her tenure at Dartmouth at the initial implementation of Title IX, which provided unprecedented possibilities for her staff and the student-athletes in her program. In her words, the change to the landscape was profound and enduring.

Title IX changed everything. We were no longer in vans, but on buses. I stopped making sandwiches for our trips and we ate at restaurants. We had practice gear, uniforms and sneakers with a swoosh. There were assistant coaches, trainers and media people. In time we had a beautiful suite of offices. The perks of Title IX were tangible. But the power of Title IX was not in what we got, but what it gave. It gave us opportunity. The women of Dartmouth grabbed that opportunity and never looked back. (Wielgus, Valley News, 2013).

In 1976, she was handed a fledgling Dartmouth Women’s basketball program that she developed into a powerhouse over the next five decades - the program that exemplifies the excellence of the Ivy League basketball tradition that celebrates the student athlete.  She understood the unique challenges facing Division I athletes in a demanding academic environment, and fervently cared about her players as people.  While she pushed them to their personal limits telling it to them straight without excuses, she got the best out of her athletes. Her players also knew that she always had their backs, and in turn, they were expected to watch out for their teammates. She taught how to win with humility but also how to lose with grace; the importance of teamwork and leadership without ego; the rewards of hard work and discipline coupled with enjoyment of the moment; the sanctity of family and friendships. These are life lessons that translate not only into success on the hardwood but also success in life. And indeed, Coach Wielgus’ charges have gone on to become doctors, lawyers, mothers, educators, corporate tycoons, coaches and trustees of the college. Prior to her departure from the college, she created an Alumnae Council that promotes networking and provides mentorship across generations of current and former players.

From the Hanover plain, to the Upper Valley and beyond, Coach Wielgus is known as an exceptional teacher, leader, mentor and friend. She has had  a profound impact on the lives of the people she has touched, from opposing players and coaches to fans, reporters and the local youth who attended her clinics. And her impact on those who came through the program is truly immeasurable. Everyone she touched has come away richer for the experience.


Please help us with your contribution today. It will take a true team effort to make this dream a reality. We hope we can count on you for a gift, regardless of amount, to ensure Coach Wielgus is honored in this special way.