Overheard recently: “Has it really been a year since Joan Pepin won the ’88 Oscars Pool?” You bet, and it’s coming up on 12 months since Chris McKenna won the March Madness Bracket Challenge.

The class of ’88 is back at it with our mid-winter trio of virtual mini reunions – Oscars Pool, March Madness, and 88th Day of the Year.  This electronic newsletter brings you all the information about those, along with a few other items.

Much has happened in the past 12 months – including some amazing D ’88 50th birthday bashes.  We also posted our first Save the Date notice for our 30th reunion a few months back on our D ’88 website, and the enthusiasm for this occasion is already building – last week our ’88 private Facebook group was host to some impromptu brainstorming for songs and playlists at the ’88 tent.  Derek LeLash even created a Spotify playlist that is representative of our era and shared it with the members of the group.  If you didn’t see it, or aren’t on Facebook, see the 30th Reunion section below for the link.


Oscars Pool Party 

- It's free, it's fun and it takes less than 3 minutes

Organized by Sonja Kuftinec

Welcome to our second annual Oscar Pool Party! (top prize is an $88 gift card to the Dartmouth Co-op donated by a classmate).

Click here for details

We again invite you to jump in the pool and predict the nomination winners in 8 categories. Will the Academy honor a quiet, compelling coming-of-age movie centered on black queerness (Moonlight), the heroic exploits of a conscientious objector serving in battle (Hacksaw Ridge), a musical fantasia about jazz aesthetics (La La Land), and/or the little-known history of black female mathematicians in the space age (Hidden Figures)? Will Meryl Streep break new award records for her lead performance in Florence Foster Jenkins (and will the Oscar audience earn another politically provocative award speech if she does)?

Vote in the categories of Best Film, Acting and Writing and a few other categories.

Tie-breaker question Best Foreign Film

We also have a fill-in-the blank to recognize your favorite non-nominated artist.

Logistics: Any ’88 can play. It’s free, fun and takes less than 3 minutes.

All entries must be submitted by 6:59 p.m. Eastern on Sunday February 26th.  Only ONE entry per person please (the scoring system will only use the first entry!).  The winner will be announced within a few days after the ceremony.

See you at the Oscars!  I’m excited to be your host this year.


March Madness Bracket Challenge 2017

Organized by Jonathan Risch

Returning soon will be our fourth annual March Madness Bracket Challenge virtual reunion (NCAAMMBCVR). Join your classmates and test your luck in picking the winning March Madness Bracket.  Will we have a 4th winner in four years or can Chris McKenna repeat?

While the real prize is the very valuable class bragging rights, we also will again offer an $88 Co-Op gift card, anonymously donated by a classmate.  If you’d rather have one of your kids make your picks, that’s okay too.  Pam Crandall, bring back that ringer son of yours for an encore!

If you played the Bracket Challenge last year you will get an email letting you know when the site is up and accepting entries. If you're newly interested, please send an email to Jonathan Risch

No experience or basketball knowledge is necessary (and likely a benefit!)  


 88th Day of the Year (Wednesday, March 29th)

What will you be doing the 88th day of the year? Curious classmates would love to hear.

Whether you are tackling a to-do list with 88 items, reaching a new goal of 88 push-ups, responding to 88 work emails or doing something non-88 related, take a moment and share…….

Let's make this our best showing ever - last year we had over 115 classmates share a pic.​

​P​ost your photo directly to our private ​Dartmouth College Class of 1988 Facebook​ group or send your photos to  and we will post to our website.    

3rd Annual Dartmouth Day of Service

May, 6th - Join D alums across the country

Once again, there will be regional service projects across the country in honor of the College’s Day of Service.  We hope you’ll consider looking into your local club’s activities to join in this annual event – or create your own.

Doing something solo like picking up trash at your local park with your family or pooch counts, too.

This year we hope even more ‘88s will continue this tradition.  Even if you can’t join other ‘88s or your local alumni club, we encourage you to think about engaging in a service activity any day in May in honor of Dartmouth’s tradition of giving back.

Like the 88th Day of the Year, share your pics on our private Facebook Group and/or our class website.

For information about your local club's activities, please visit here

 If you'd like to organize one in your area for other alums to participate in, please email

 Any questions, please email MargieWallace Gibson or Paula Zagrecki


30th Reunion Updates

Save the Date: June 14th – 17th 2018

Keep an eye out for a pre-reunion survey in your email in box coming this April.

Classmates are already brainstorming on our Facebook Group about music for our reunion tent and dancing. Derek LeLash created this awesome throwback Spotify Playlist of music from our era – you can access it for your Spotify account by clicking here: Derek LeLash’s Spotify playlist .

If you would like to help out with our 30th, you can contact the 30th Reunion Co – Chairs Anne Chmielewski Kushwaha and Taylor Thomas here


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