Enewsletter - June 2016

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"Bargain Hunters Guide" to '88 Class Activities

Introducing The Next Gr'88 Virtual Mini Reunion

50th Birthday Bash Update and Homecoming Preview

Updated '88 Classmate Memorials


Bargain Hunters Guide to '88 Class Activities

With so many activities for ‘88s, some requiring travel to participate, we need a "Bargain Hunter’s Guide" to ’88 Activities.  Here it is:

You can participate from the comfort of your own home, and it won’t cost a penny:

  • 88th Day of the Year: (March 29, 2017) Our annual celebration of the 88th Day.  For the past several years classmates have been offered a chance to submit a photo of themselves taken wherever they are on the 88th Day – many have chosen to post directly to our private Class of ‘88 Facebook Group and photos have also been submitted to D88classofficers@gmail.com for display on our website.
  • NCAA Basketball Tournament Pool aka “March Madness:” We are at three years and counting with this event.  Last year’s winner was Tom Sterling and this year's was Chris McKenna. If you missed it, but want to participate next time, keep your eyes open for the email, Facebook Group, or Class of ’88 Website sign up information in February 2017.  If you haven’t checked out our new website, it can be found at www.dartmouth88.org – many thanks to Webmaster Bob Striker for creating this great new asset. Thanks to Regina Glocker for getting this virtual competition started and Jonathan Risch for taking the lead in 2016.
  • Oscars Pool: 2016 marked the innaugural challenge.  Year One was a success and Year Two is likely to be even better.  Congratulations to winner Joan Pepin, and event organizers Sonja Kuftinec and Jen Taylor Hendrick. Keep your eyes open for email and Facebook posts or updates on our class website next January. 

50th Birthday Bashes & Homecoming 2016

You can enjoy the company of classmates along with some refreshments, depending on where you live, or how far you can travel:

Margie Wallace Gibson leads the dedicated ‘88s who are responsible for organizing and executing our local mini-reunions.  So many of us turn 50 in '16 that we are turning our upcoming minis into a collective 50th birthday celebration.  There will be many events this fall, with the capstone birthday celebration/mini-reunion Homecoming Weekend, October 28th – 30th.  We will march in the Friday night parade, tailgate before the football game versus Harvard, and relax in style post-game at John Replogle’s house on Rope Ferry Road!

For those who cannot make it we are organizing birthday gatherings in many different locales across the States and several overseas – stay tuned.  In addition to the 12 traditional locations where we host mini-reunions, we hope to hold celebrations in Detroit, Miami, New Orleans, Philadelphia, and Portland, ME - Portland, OR is one of our core 12 locations.  Internationally, we hope to have get togethers in: London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia.  If you are unable to attend any of these, maybe you'll be able to participate in our private '88 Facebook group shindig.

Classmate Memorials Project & D'88 Website

Check out our new and improved class website at www.dartrmouth88.org.  Again, thank you Bob Striker for the amazing job on this project.  Part of the new and improved website is an expanded and classmate memorial section www.dartmouth88.org/our-class/in-memoriam/  We recently received a lovely updated tribute to deceased classmate Craig Washa from Russell Stevens who solicited contributions from a larger group of classmates who remember Craig so fondly. Included was this photo from December, 1984:

L to R: Craig Washa, Ron Grant, David Goran, Brian Storr, Dan Estabrook, Crisian Tahta, Russell Stevens

Two classmates whose memorials we hope to expand are Jayne Meeks Clark and Adam Lieberman.  Anyone with a rememberance that they would like to share please send us an email at d88classofficers@gmail.com.

Until the next Enewsletter,


Taylor Thomas

D '88 VP Communications, and Enewsletter Editor 


The Next Gr'88 Virtual Mini Reunion 


In keeping with our ’88 way of doing things that are fun, and inclusive, we are launching our next big ’88 Virtual Event. We’re calling it “Flat Stanley meets Green One and Green Two,” or “Green One and Green Two meet Flat Stanley”.  The event will feature some of ‘88s favorite things: goofy photos on our private class Facebook group and Website; opportunities for trash talk and bonding; and, of course, prizes. Our special D '88 characters will be sent via snail mail to interested classmates for a photo opp and then continue their journeys to other classmates.  Oh it will be fun to see the places they will go! To make a go of this we are soliciting volunteers who will be the first classmates to adopt Green One and Green Two.  Please submit your name to d88classofficers@gmail.com .

The project takes inspiration from the classic childrens book called Flat Stanley, written by Jeff Brown and first published in 1964. In the book, Stanley Lambchop is flattened paper thin by a bulletin board that fell on top of him.  Flat Stanley now realizes that he can visit his friends around the world by being mailed in an envelope.  Paying homage to Stanley Lambchop, '88s will create several flat friends of our own, using our mascots Green One and Green Two, iconic “Seussian” images created for our 25th reunion.  In the book Flat Stanley, Stanley Lambchop eventually wants to return to his 3 dimensional self, and begs his brother to use a bicycle pump to restore him.  Will the Class Officer team follow Stanley’s lead, and commission a 3 dimensional life size balloon of Green One and Green Two to unveil at the 30th reunion?  Let’s see how the story unfolds!

To volunteer to adopt Green One and Green Two, please submit your name to d88classofficers@gmail.com . We’ll draw from this list of interested “parents” and then keep drawing from it as the Flat Stanleys are passed along to the next classmates down the line.

Oh yeah, there will be opportunities to post goofy photos on our private ’88 Facebook group, and website; trash talk; and prizes!


Joan Pepin '16 Oscars Pool Champ Chris McKenna  '16 NCAA Pool Champ


Limerick for the End of a Fiscal Year

June 30th ends the Big Green Fiscal Year.

As we approach that date let’s give a cheer.

Mark your calendar for our Homecoming Rendezvous, *

And don’t forget the DCF and Class Dues:

Two helpful links are provided right here…. 



(*) October 28th – 30th Hanover, NH Football vs. Harvard, tailgates, bonfire, gathering at John Replogle’s house on Rope Ferry Road after the game.

Crazy Classmate Dance Videos

Check out these Crazy Classmate Dance Videos now showing on our Class Website and private '88 Facebook group. Yes, your classmates actually did this - all on a challenge from Head Agent Danielle Green Barney.  Way to go Dani! You set that ball rolling for some of the best '88 original content of the year. Thank you for that, and thanks to you, and our other Head Agents Richard Cloobeck, and Tres Izzard for all of your hard work.

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