Dartmouth Class of 1988 Newsletter - November 2015

The shorter tree in the left forefront corner of this photo is our Class of 1988 Memorial Tree on Baker-Sanborn Lawn - a lovely, green acknowledgement and celebration of lost classmates.

Quick and easy...our new approach to the Class of 1988 eNewsletter. We are changing up the eNewsletter format, which should now take you a mere 88 seconds to read class updates...maybe while enjoying morning coffee?  You're welcome!

Class of 1988 Mission: To capture, renew, and build the spirit of kinship that has united us as a class since our days at Dartmouth by engaging all of our members, embracing our differences, and generously supporting each other, the class, and the College.

In light of our class mission statement, please consider this eNewsletter a gentle "call to action" to stay connected and participate with our class. We have many interesting and compelling ideas and opportunities for engagement beyond fundraising, organizing and planning, conference calls, or spreadsheets and data management.  Please email Class President, Catherine Craighead Briggs, at d88president@gmail.com if your are curious about class initiatives or events. We welcome new and unique ideas!

Class Matters: Yes, it does...and is why you're reading this eNewsletter! And why several '88s ventured to Hanover in October for Alumni Council meetings. L to R below: Alec Casey, Cuong Do, Jolin Salazar-Kish, Bob Lasher, and Jacques SteinbergPauline Garris Brown (pictured below, crossing the Green with style) also served the class that weekend.



Among the thoughtful and strategic topics our class representatives are helping the College consider:

  • Academic Clusters: 4 clusters have been announced. 3 more have been funded. The first faculty member of these clusters is a rock-start professor from MIT.
  • Moving Dartmouth Forward: President Hanlon reported that indicators of harmful drinking declined these past 5 years as the College focused on the issue. Hard alcohol remains the greatest cause of medical transport, but the new hard alcohol policy has led to a 20-30% reduction in medical transport incidents.
  • Dartmouth by #: "Average" cost/student in FY2015 was $118K, $62K of which is covered by tuition and fees and $56K from other sources (e.g. DCF, endowment, sponsored research, etc.) Dartmouth's "net cost" increased 1.5% annually since 2003 vs. the higher education index of 2.9%. 49% of students received financial aid. Between 2004-2014, the number of ungrads grew 5% annually, graduate/professional students grew 24%, faculty 18%, and staff 6%.
  • Dartmouth's Endowment: Returns have been in the top quartile vs. other institutions and have set the bar for 1-, 5-, and 10-year returns. Dartmouth endowment holdings do not have direct holdings in fossil fuels.  The College invests in private equity and hedge funds that might have fossil fuel holdings, but the College has no say in these investment decisions.
  • These topics and notes were also shared on our Dartmouth Class of 1988 Facebook page by Cuong Do, our current Alumni Council class representative. You can reach Cuong directly at cuong@dofamily.com with questions about these topics or the Alumni Council.

Class of 1988 Mini-Reunions:  

The rugby crew traveled to London for the Rugby World Cup. L to R: Jim Hughes, Jay Henry, Rich Schneider, John Harris, Bob Sproull, Larry Socher, Andy Axel, and Pat Brophy.


'88 Dartmouth Football fans congregated at the Georgetown game - the Big Green beat the Hoyas! In the photo, L to R: Laura Denardis, Jay Sotos, Elizabeth Killeen (now Libbey), Tim Mitchell, David Magilner, Will Corbin, and Brian Corcoran. Missing from photo but attending the game: Paul Deveaux and David Slaughter.


Lining up on a green in Oregon for their annual golf weekend, L to R: Andy Axel, Charlie Wheelan, John Hommeyer, Rob Combi, Ish McLaughlin, Brett Matthews, Derek McDowell, and John Scott.


Leading the '88s in the Homecoming parade, L to R: John Herrick's daughter, John Herrick, Tim Mitchell, John Repolgle, Tim Mitchell's daughter, Elizabeth Mitchell, Pam Crandall Aman, Laura Sweeney Park's daughter, Laura Sweeney Park, Kenneth Park, Laura Sweeney Park's daughter, Gerry BeBiasi, and Jack Kline. '88s who attended Homecoming but are not in the photo: Janine Eagle, Jevin Eagle, Jay Fogarty, Lindsay Held, Leah Wheelan, Andy Winslow, and Eric Zweifach. BIG THANKS to Pam and John R. for organizing the parade efforts!


A large group of '88s and their families also gathered during Homecoming to enjoy tailgating activities (generously and annually organized by Aldo Nourjian). Pictured L to R: Kajy Rejaie Vicinelli, Cherise Glick Bransfield, Larry Spiegelman's son, Larry Spiegelman, Caitlin Hadtke Gagnon, Caroline Jackson, Elizabeth Mitchell Cynthia Monroe, Tim Mitchell, Sarah Hoit, Sarah Hoit's daughter, Laura Sweeney Park's daughter, Laura Sweeney Park, and Kenneth Park. Back row: Todd Jackson, Aldo Nourjian, and Scott Jaynes.

A huge thank you to Aldo, Pam, Cherise, and John R. for organizing the Homecoming events - parades, bonfires, tailgating and football make for a festive fall weekend!

Apologies if you were in Hanover for Homecoming and we missed seeing (or photographing) you - please alert us so we can include you in reunion, homecoming, and officer weekend events in future.

Into the 50's: Keep an eye out for Jere Mancini's Dartmouth Alumni Magazine (DAM) articles - she will be sharing 50th birthday celebrations and stories, so please send Jere your fabulous 50 photos and updates - d88correspondent@gmail.com 

Class BusinessIn the name of "it's never too soon to plan ahead", consider our 30th Reunion in Hanover, June 14-17, 2018. You've been warned!

A last plea (please, no flea) - do you have a cat, dog, iguana, goat, goldfish, horse, hamster or llama? We want to profile '88 animal companions. Send a photo of your favorite pet(s) and a caption by December 30th to d88newslettereditor@gmail.com   

Farewell for Now: It's a wrap. Thanks for tuning in, and we hope you enjoyed this 88 seconds version.

Julie Pelkan Glusker, Class of 1988 eNewsletter Editor

Ann Jackman, Class of 1988 Newsletter Editor

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